About the Project

Future Turtles is a digital full body art collection of 10000 NFTs. Each NFT is unique.

It’s the year 2055 and crypto currencies has overtaken the whole finance system. Because of a failed government the civil war in the world of Future Turtles has broken out. Now each turtle needs to survive and has his own weapon to fight for his freedom. In this premier launch, the turtles need your final support to finish their plan. Mint one and you free one. So all minted turtles can escape successfully.

Future Turtles Gallery


Will be announced soon. All updates can be found on our discord.

Join our Discord to get whitelisted for presale. Further information you will find there.

Maximum 5 NFTs on the presale / Maximum 10 NFTs on the public sale.

1% of the earnings will be spent to a charity foundation. The community will decide, which one it will be.

We will give the airdrop to the wallet that is holding a turtle of drop 1 and drop 2 the longest. What does the longest mean? This would be the sum of days holding first drop and days holding the second drop. For example, if you are holding drop one 60 days and drop 2 for 30 days, in sum this would equal 90 days. If 90 days is enough to be among the top 1000 of longest holders, you would get an airdrop. Your chance is bigger if you have more turtles of each drop.

The mint price will be announced soon. All updates can be found on our discord.

Joining the Future Turtles community entitles you to subsequent airdrops of new turtles in the future and many more benefits will be announced soon.

It will be like tekken. A fighting video and arcade games. People will be able to fight against each other with their own NFT.

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